DNA Testing Tips

What You Should Know About the Genetic Testing Kit


As medical science continues to expand, consumers are getting access to some of the medical kits they could not get out of the medical facility. One of the highly contested home medical kits is the genetic test kit. This kit is used to twill among other things the genetic diseases susceptibility, genetic variations, and ancestral tests. There are few companies that have made the kit and availed for use to consumers.  These tests can be used by patients back at home.


Proponents of this kit contend that this care helps in improving patient compliance with health screening a preventative health care practices. Consumers become more aware of lifestyle changes that can help reduce prevention of diseases development. Consumers will be more proactive in making decisions regarding preventive treatments. The gene mutation test, for example, shows that providing information regarding inheritance and mutations increases awareness of the ovarian cancer screening and prevention. When they learn that they have certain mutations, the women choose to take risk reducing measures such as the bilateral mastectomies and oophorectomies.


There are however people who are skeptics to the test kit who are concerned about false predictions. It is, however, important to note that the dna kit may be useful for testing monogenic diseases and not the complex diseases. The monogenic disease susceptibility can be considered a risk when someone shows a gene level that is associated with a disease. The gene itself is not the cause of the disease but is found in certain levels or forms in people with certain disease. As such, the person can take preventive measures against the disease. 


The complex diseases on the other cannot be tested using the kit and should be tested in a medical facility. These include diseases like cancer and diabetics since they result from an interplay of several factors such as several genes and environmental factors. They also have something to do with diets and lifestyle. For more info about DNA testing, visit http://edition.cnn.com/2013/04/25/health/national-dna-day-tests/index.html.


 Once you buy the kit, it is delivered directly to your designated place. This is done in total confidential for the privacy of the user. The patient then sends the sample to be tested by dna tests uk to the company address and awaits for the results. In most cases, they will ask for saliva and buccal swab.  The samples are tested and the clients are given a report. They also advise you on the best way to go about your risk assessment.